" Welcome to Phukao elephant secret garden "

Here at Phukao Elephant Sanctuary our mission is to resuce miss-treated elephants and provide them with a beautiful enviroment where they are safe, loved and cared for.

We are 100% against elephant riding, performances, tricks and any method of training or dicipline where pain is inflicted to achieve a result.

We believe that by sharing our passion with our guests we can all contribute towards providing rescued elephants a beautiful life which they deserve.

In supporting our cause you will make memories to treasure as you roam freely with or magnificent elephants. Feed them, bond with them and bath with them. By choosing our sanctuarie you will be actively contributing to saving the next gentle giant from a life of slavery.

Let us assure you that we are not a money making outfit, we are here because of our passion for elephant. Along this journey you be informed of the realities of caring for elephants and the cruelites they endure before we rescue them.

As serious as we are about our passion for elephants we also want you to have fun and learn along the way. Our expert guides who speak amazing English will educate you throughout your tour. You will learn to cook a traditional Thai dish and to top it off you can relax at the end of the day in our pool before our drivers take you back to your accommodation.

This is a genuine ethical experience not to be missed whilst in Chiang Mai.